We are witnessing the development of numerous technologies aimed at making architecture, design and construction more time and cost efficient. These cutting-edge solutions are changing the way architects design and opening up new opportunities for them.

One of the technologies that is really making a big difference is 3D visualization.

Many of our clients who are already working with 3D rendering are not even aware of the full range of possibilities that this technology offers. In our work, we have found that many do not realize how many 3D options are available, what quality a true professional can achieve, or what methods can positively impact the budget and still deliver top-notch results.

As a company that has been producing high-quality 3D visualizations and animations for years, we know the processes very well. That’s why we have tried to explain them in this edition of our eBook.

• what is a 3D architectural render
• software and formats
• how do architects use 3D visualizations
• myths about 3D services
• the process of making a 3D project
• the rendering process
• types of architectural 3D visualizations
• quality
• cost
• time
• selection of contractors
• creating a project brief
• results of good cooperation

We hope that this eBook will answer many questions related to 3D visualizations and help you better understand the whole process.

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