Format 3D

Our story

Format 3D was founded by a group of engineers and designers whose professional work in the field of 3D visualizations has lasted since 2005. Our team consists of architects, civil engineers and 3D artists who have worked on numerous projects in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. We collaborate with many world-renowned architects, construction companies and investors.

We are the one of the rare companies that ensures 100% delivery of the project on time, within the agreed time frames. Otherwise, we return the money and deliver 3D visualization to the client completely free of charge.

We use an advanced CGI CRM systems which we reorganized the work process and assigned a project manager to each client.

Format 3D has 24 3D designers and 8 mentors, we have implemented artificial intelligence for quality assurance, built a 3D library for projects containing 5.000 CG scenes and 36.000 photoreal 3D models. All of this allows us to achieve the best quality of delivery on the market.

We’ve come a long way, but still, it’s just the beginning. Our goal is to increase the numbers of employees every year. We grow and manage to keep the collaboration process easy and enjoyable just as if your 3D artist is sitting next to you at the same table.

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