As an experienced architectural visualization studio, we would like to answer the most important and frequently asked questions of this report. Consequently, we need to make it easier for designers to understand that outsourcing 3D manufacturing is an efficient, simple and safe technique. So, do you want instant answers to your questions? Then keep reading!

Most architects use computer-generated images (3D) to display works to clients, participate in competitions, and promote their ideas. At the same time, most of them would agree that working with a professional 3D visualization company is the simplest but most effective approach to getting high quality and best 3D visuals. Adapting to the new procedure may seem challenging for people thinking about outsourcing 3D production services for the first time. Architects who have never done something like this before will have many doubts and questions about the tasks of 3D visualization of architecture. They will be curious to know what to expect from working with the CGI builder and whether the approach will bring some positive results or not.

What do I need to get started on a 3D visualization project?

While starting an architectural visualization project, you must first get in touch with the 3D studio and send a brief. It must contain a clear explanation of the specific operation along with several references. Elevations, floor plans, collections of objects, weak references, furniture, background graphics, decor, etc. are among them. If you have a CAD model of your building made in Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD or some similar program, don’t forget to attach it as well. Since 3D artists will not require recreation of the facility from scratch, the cost of the project will be significantly reduced.

Is it possible to get 3D renders right away?

The answer is yes, of course! But it will be an additional expense for you. It is worth noting that each 3D architectural visualization company has a standard processing time for its entire project tasks. When a customer requests images faster, more 3D professionals will have to work on them than usual. They can also require longer working hours to quickly deliver the best and highest quality 3D designs. Consequently, the total cost of this type of work in these circumstances will almost certainly be somewhat more significant than it would be if there was no rush.

How can I protect my project data while 3D visualization outsourcing?

By submitting a non-disclosure agreement with all 3D modeling studios. Professional companies are usually aware of architects’ concerns about the security of sensitive data. Consequently, well-known studies are standard practice for signing contracts with their clients before launching most 3D architectural visualization projects. In this way, design professionals can be sure that all information provided regarding the project will be secure and protected.

3D vizualizacija City Island, Zagreb, Hrvatska
How can I retain control of the job after the 3D design is submitted?

The most successful architectural visualization companies use CRM solutions to manage their projects and stay in touch with customers. These are online tools that allow architects to coordinate and communicate with project teams, check the benefits of intermediaries, download and load paper, complete payments, and track payment history, among other things.

Also, 3D artists provide intermediate results for the course of customer appraisal in a series of audit rounds. The builder can assess the progress of the project at each stage, offer valuable comments and request changes as needed. In this way, they can gain control over their affairs.

What types of visual content could I get?

There are currently many different types of 3D development that allow designers to create a wide range of images. Furthermore, the use of still images according to dynamic or animated graphics can significantly improve a conceptual presentation or advertising campaign.

Is it possible to have 3D visualization for several design interactions?

Yes of course! Architects can opt for a complete team of professional 3D modelers and visualizers working on different design revisions at the same time in their class of 3D architectural visualization projects. Ultimately, a person can acquire a 3D vision of numerous variations of a concept at exactly the same time as it takes to build an image using traditional methods. And project managers who evaluate the work of the group will make sure that quality and “fashion” remain consistent.

Is it possible to show my building concept at different times of the day?

You certainly can. When a team of 3D architectural visualization experts creates a 3D model of your planned construction, it could be presented in a different way. For example, there may be two settings, ie. daylight settings and night settings. In addition, the ability to display buildings at different times of the day is not the only valuable resource that 3D manufacturing initiatives could offer. They can also carry their theories demonstrated in different seasons and time patterns. Design professionals can then select the most ideal and attractive configurations to highlight the benefits of the layout in the most efficient way. Alternatively, they can show customers different options to offer them a lot more visual context.

These are the seven most important questions people often ask when thinking about outsourcing 3D architectural visualization projects. We believe that our answers will help many professionals in adopting the simplicity and efficiency of delegating design to 3D technical studies. We can confidently say that the architect will save work and time by creating high-quality 3D displays.

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