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3D rendering is fast becoming popular in the design industry, and for good reason. It becomes the first choice for architects, designers and real estate developers when presenting a future project or submitting a renovation for approval. Computer software generating a three-dimensional image is the best way to bring ideas to life. There are many reasons why you should use 3D rendering, but it is a wise choice to have a basic understanding of what 3D rendering is and how we manage the rendering process before you actually use it. Today, this article will present the key factors of 3D rendering.

3d 360 Virtualna šetnja poslovnog objekta

3D rendering, as one of the fastest growing technologies, has been at the forefront of design. The term 3D rendering is the process of creating a still image based on three-dimensional data stored in a computer. Through the computer we can add perfect shade, lighting, vegetation, texture as well as furniture that is regularly used or made to order. If there are errors or dissatisfaction with the design, we can easily adjust and replace the items and display them in an updated draft. Furthermore, 3D rendering is commonly used, such as magazines, billboards, digital media or TV, you can basically see them on a daily basis.

In general, the production of 3D rendering includes three parts: modeling, rendering and post-work, and final delivery.

3d vizualizacija eksterijera poslovne zgrade

Production information

What information the client provided is important for project evaluation. If you can give a complete 3D model with all the details and material inside, it would be a great help for 3D experts to make a model. But if you can’t provide a model, CAD, elevations, floor plan or even a hand drawing will be acceptable. In addition to the model, choosing the right angle for your project is crucial. For example, an aerial view that grasps a large image of a building shows the layout, surrounding context, or emphasis of the design to the greatest extent possible. Remember to mark the angle on the model. If you do not have ideal angles, Format 3D will recommend a few angles to check.

When it comes to interior design, some clients may require custom-made furniture or accessories. In this case, customers must submit high-resolution reference images and list all the furniture that should have been made to measure. A professional 3D company like Format 3D can easily handle a task like this. Regardless of the type of project, providing clear and understandable information is the basis for guaranteeing a simpler start.

3d visualization of the interior of the apartment
The rendering process

Once all the files have been sorted, the modeling draft will be sent for review. As the name suggests, this is an earlier stage of production. The draft is a space without any material or texture, which only serves to check the angle and model, identify places or angles of the sun. If it is an interior, then you will get a draft in gray tones that shows the room with layout and furniture. Unlike the exterior display, it is a colorless image to check that the dimensions and position of the windows, doors and ceiling are correct. It usually takes 2-3 rounds to confirm the angle and model.

After confirming the model, it goes ahead to rendering and post-work. This phase involves adding texture as well as placing sunlight and shadows coming from artificial sources into the building. Lighting is key to rendering. Different moods and lighting bring different feelings. Some might choose soft lighting to enhance warmth and comfort, while others may choose strong light to create a modern home. In addition, there are many options for mood options, such as a rainy day, a hot summer day or a cool winter, etc … The best thing about 3D rendering is that you can easily change the time using a computer. 3D rendering breaks the chains that hamper your creativity.

Once the mood and lighting is confirmed, the next step is to paint the colors into the picture. What we see in the earlier phase is without much detail, but now the fabric and color will be clearly presented in the picture. A blue wall covering, a pale yellow fabric texture or a velvet pillow, basically everything has come to life now. With the help of a computer, the texture and color can be perfectly monitored. To further enhance reality, they will also deal with the landscape, escorts or cars. At this stage, it is possible to adjust the contrast, brightness and other effects before the final delivery. After adaptation, replacement and modification, we are close to finalizing accurate photo-realistic visuals that accurately reflect every detail of architecture or interior design. Photorealistic 3D rendering requires more effort and skill than we expected.

Double check and communication

During each change and update, 3D designers in Format 3D will double-check the image to make sure all the details are well-addressed, adding image finishing. Once our project managers get a 3D view, they will check the comments before sending the draft to clients. If there are any ambiguities or ambiguous comments, our project managers will communicate with clients immediately. This verification standard largely avoids repeated comments and unnecessary errors. So greatly improve customer satisfaction.

All parties involved in the process need to build trust in each other. Mutual trust and support are key factors in establishing a long-term relationship. We at Format 3D value every customer comment and feedback.


In a word, the above are significant factors for managing the rendering process and creating impressive 3D visualizations. We hope you can have a clear idea now. The Format 3D strives to be at the forefront of 3D architectural visualization and help architects around the world to stimulate their creative thinking and realize their dreams. If you have any questions or concerns about 3D rendering, feel free to contact us.

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