The Workflow of a CGI Project



The Workflow of a CGI Project

3D studios find different ways to effectively manage 3D rendering projects. Smaller companies usually use free cloud solutions, such as project management systems, email communication, cloud storage applications, etc. This is a viable solution when the company has only a small number of projects. But when the number of projects grows, this way of communicating with the client becomes unreliable. For example, important messages can get lost in the crowded inbox.
Moreover, it is not very convenient to switch from one application to another to perform different tasks.

At Format 3D, we recognize the unique needs of 3D visualization projects, which go beyond what traditional project management tools can offer. Despite the efficiency of such software, they often miss out some critical features.

Many large corporations have come to rely on personalized systems for efficient client communication, which aligns perfectly with our approach. Our choice, however, is the MIRO collaboration tool – specifically tailored to manage all the intricacies of 3D architectural rendering projects.

With MIRO, our clients can kickstart their projects by providing their specific requirements.

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MIRO’s true strength lies in its communication capabilities. It allows everyone involved in a project to connect directly, ensuring prompt responses. More than that, MIRO serves as an excellent platform to track a project’s progress and offer feedback on outcomes. This all-encompassing tool means our clients have a single place to find everything they need, facilitating smooth and efficient project management.