This year, in addition to other joint projects, we also worked on a project to expand the production facility of a large Croatian company KFK, which included the production of presentation video content with integrated 3D animation.

The existing production plant has an area of 40,000 m2 under the roof, and they plan expansion to more than 100,000 m2.

For the needs of the project, we have made a bilingual video presentation that in the first part shows the specifics and history of KFK, its segments and production processes. And in the second part of the video, through animation using Twinmotion, we brought its components to life. We have presented an expanded facility, a laboratory center, a new logistics center, a hotel for employees, but also facilities that will increase the quality of employees’ staying in the complex.

In this project, we used our animation skills and set up a large and demanding scene in Twinmotion, and the editing was done in video editing tools, specifically in the Final Cut Pro. We have created presentation that made easier for our client to present the project expansion and its impact on the economy and ecology. In this article we want to present you our approach to this task through several phases, explain what tools we have used, and what the process itself looked like.

Demonstration of the 3D modeling process in SketchUp Pro

We started this task by making a model in SketchUp Pro. This included adjustments of all materials, import of facilities, ancillary facilities (collectors, HVAC systems, horizontal road signs, fences…)

The process of making renders in Twinmotion

The next step was the process of making renders in Twinmotion, including still images and animation clips.

In this phase we have added and defined vegetation, all textures, additional contents, effects and camera movements. We have also added people, means of transportations, and mechanization of propulsion.

In this step, the object was set to the correct geolocation in order to obtain the correct insolation. Final shots have been determined, both for renderings and for video clips.

After we got everything we needed in this phase, Lumion with a green screen background was used, so that in the next phase we could isolate the object from environment and place it in the correct position depending on the actual state.

The Bottom Line

3D animation is an ideal tool for “reviving” your projects. In its realization, it is possible to use numerous software solutions that very often dictates the deadlines, as well as the budget itself. Twinmotion has proven to be a good compromise between the time it takes to realize and the cost price. Of course, there are other tools that can get more photoreal results, but in some projects where everything is still in the concept and idea phase, Twinmotion is the ideal solution.

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